Buildingbox manufacture a wide range of photographic chemicals and materials. Many historical compounds have fallen out of favour since the digital revolution and many have disappeared as a result, those that still exist on the market are normally prohibitively expensive. By producing these chemicals in house we can provide a cost effective alternative to many of these compounds.

Colloids and Emulsions

Buildingbox produce a range of ultra high resolution sensitive materials for photographic use, usually used in scientific and art based photographic processes. Alongside these materials we also offer a number of silver halide emulsions.


Our range of natural resin based coatings provide archival protection for you images, all of these coatings are manufactured to a very precise specification to ensure a consistent result.

Buildingbox SRC-1 – Archival coating manufactured from natural resins with a proven track record for longevity.
Cure time: Fully cured within 24 hours at 20c

Buildingbox SHC-1 – Shellac based archival coating manufactured from a combination of super clarified natural resins.
Cure time: Fully cured within 2 minutes at 50c

Specialist chemicals

A number of chemicals are produced in house, from developing agents, dyes, light sensitive compounds and precious metal salts:

Ammonium Tetrachloropallade (II)
Ammonium Tetrachloroplatinate (II)
Benzenediazonium salts
Collodion USP
Iron (III) Oxalate, Powder and process specific solutions
Gold (II) Chloride
Palladium (II) Chloride
Potassium Chloroplatinate
Silver (I) Oxide