In addition to our range of dyes and photographic chemicals we also manufacture a range of specialist organic chemicals mainly focussing on Thiocholine compounds. We have recently taken over Robert Charles Laboratories Ltd and will be incorporating their range of Thiocholine products into our own, continuing to deliver their high quality products at competitive prices to both new and existing customers. Some of the products we offer are listed below.

Acetylthiocholine chloride
CAS Number 6050-81-3
Linear Formula CH3COSCH2CH2N(CH3)3Cl
Molecular Weight 197.73
EC Number 227-953-7

Acetylthiocholine iodide
CAS Number 1866-15-5
Linear Formula CH3COSCH2CH2N(CH3)3I
Molecular Weight 289.18
EC Number 217-474-1

Propionylthiocholine iodide
CAS Number 1866-73-5
Linear Formula C8H18NOSI
Molecular Weight 303.20
EC Number 217-482-5

S-Butyrylthiocholine iodide
CAS Number 1866-16-6
Linear Formula (CH3)3N(I)CH2CH2SCOCH2CH2CH3
Molecular Weight 317.23
EC Number 217-475-7

Acetylthiocholine perchlorate
CAS Number 84255-37-8
Linear Formula CH3COSCH2CH2N(CH3)3ClO4
Molecular Weight 261.72
EC Number 282-585-4

Acetylcholine perchlorate
CAS Number 927-86-6
Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C7H16ClNO6
Molecular Weight 245.66
EC Number 213-166-6

Acetylcholine iodide
CAS Number 2260-50-6
Linear Formula (CH3)3N(I)CH2CH2OCOCH3
Molecular Weight 273.11
EC Number 218-862-3


We specialise in small scale production of compounds up to 20l in volume. Besides a comprehensive production facility we also have our own in-house analytic facilities with the following equipment:

High Performance Liquid Chromatography – Hewlett Packard & Jasco
Gas Chromatography – Hewlett Packard
FT-IR Spectroscopy – Perkin Elmer
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy – Varian
Uv/Vis Spectroscopy – Jenway
Flourimeter – Jenway
GLpKa pKa LogP Analyzer – Sirius
Melting Point Determination – SRS Optimelt